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Private Group Snowshoe
Come & join us for a snowshoe walk!
We will tailor it especially to you and your group - fast or slow, easy or challenging, a walk or igloo building, just let us know!  

If there are more than 8 of you just let us know!
Includes door to door pick up and drop off from your accommodation in our minibus, all snowshoe equipment, coffee & cake 

Tailored for children and adults

Half Day

3.5 hours

€260 for up to 8 people

(larger group sizes available, please enquire)

What would you like to do on your half day session?


Choose from:

  • A snowshoe walk 

  • A snow shelter fun building session

  • An evening sunset & snowshoe

  • Snowshoe & Yoga (15 supplement per person - depending on yoga teacher's availability)

Full Day


€360 for up to 8 people

(larger group sizes available, please enquire)


What would you like to do?


Choose from:

A full day snow shoe with lots of breaks and either bring your own picnic lunch or we can stop at a mountain restaurant


A half day snow shoe session and a half day snow shelter building session

Snowshoe FAQ's for Private Groups

What should I wear & bring?

- Good walking boots or laced up snow boots (not 'moon boots' or Sorrels as they are too big for our snowshoes.  Not trainers as you may get cold, wet feet! 

- Warm trousers such as salopettes

- layers - t-shirt / wicking top & fleecey jumper and a jacket.  You can get warm so layering is the way to go

- Hat, gloves, sunglasses, suncream

- Small rucksack with some water in and space for a spare jumper

- camera for fab pictures!


What do you provide?

We have a adult and children snowshoes with walking poles that we fit to you, a qualified and legally registered Leader, our own minibuses to transport you, a hot drink and home-made cakes from Apeeling Cakes

What is the difference between an Open snowshoe and a Private snowshoe?
You pay for a Private group per group and open snowshoe per person.  It is ideal if there are just a couple of you as it makes it cheaper than a private snowshoe.  A Private snowshoe caters exactly for you and your group so it doesn't matter if you have small children and want us to bring the sledges too or whether you want more of a snowshoe challenge.  We don't mind if there are 2 of you or 20 of you!


Can I bring my dog(s)?

Yes absolutely!  Please also make sure you bring water and a bowl for your dog as they can get very thirsty, a treat biscuit or two and a towel to dry them off before they get back in our minibus!  It is up to you to control your dog.

Will we be fit enough?
Yes! We are trained guides who will cater exactly to you.  We have lots of mini breaks to look at the view or to learn about the area - we go at your pace.

Can I bring my small child / baby?
Yes of course - small children that can be carried in a carry pack are welcome.  Please provide a baby seat for the minibus as we only have booster seats.  Remember to wrap them up warm!

How long are the half day sessions?
They are 3.5 hours from pick up to drop off.  This includes a transfer time in the minibus which can be 15 to 30 minutes depending on the chosen area and traffic.

Where do we go snowshoeing?

We choose safe areas that will be suitable for your group but away from the crowds.

Can you pick me up from my accommodation?

Yes!  On a Private group session we pick up and drop off at your accommodation.


What if the weather is bad?

If we judge the weather to be too bad or avalanche risk too high, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange another day or a full refund.

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