Terms & Conditions

1. Booking conditions, legal jurisdiction and contractual responsibility

​By booking an event with DaysAway Adventures, you accept to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined herein. Where a group makes a booking all participants within the group agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


All booking arrangements are made with DaysAway Adventures, St. Jean D'Aulps, 74430, France


All terms and conditions between you, the client and DaysAway Adventures are to be governed by and held under the jurisdiction of the courts of France.


2. Payment

​When you make a booking with DaysAway Adventures you must pay in full before the activity begins.

If you are unable to take part on the specified day then we will offer you an alternative date and time.  If it is still not possible for you to take part, we will refund your payment minus 20% cancellation fee.


​3. Participant numbers

Maximum numbers: In order for our members to give a more personal experience and to maintain client safety, a maximum number of participants will be clearly displayed on each event.  If the maximum number of participants is reached, we will operate a waiting list.  Where possible we will supply an extra instructor but this cannot always be guaranteed.



4. Travel arrangements

All of our events operate from the Morzine area and are sold on this basis.  You are responsible for making your own travel and accommodation arrangements. We cannot be held liable for any losses incurred relating to any travel or accommodation booking or any other related costs.


​5. If you cancel an event with us

​You, or any member of your party, may cancel a booked event with us at any time. The following cancellation charges will apply:


​Before the start of the event - ​20% of the total trip cost

6. Fitness & medical declarations

All of our events have a description of the level of difficulty and fitness required. We understand that everyone is unique and some people will find some events harder than others. We have given our descriptions in good faith, and will support and adapt where we can.  However, we do require you to make a judgement as to your suitability for the event you are interested in based on our description - if you have any questions, please do ask us.  Any costs such as transport if you decide to leave an event early, will be at your own cost.


We require you to declare any medical issues to our leaders before the start of an event.  All our leaders are first aid trained but it is your responsibility to look after your own personal welfare and carry any medication with you whilst on an event.  If you feel unwell during an event, please notify the leader immediately.


​7. Insurance

​It is a condition of booking an event with us that you are insured against medical expenses, injury, illness, death, cost of repatriation and personal accident risk, including helicopter evacuation. You must ensure that your insurance covers rescue from the mountains, and from the activity that you are undertaking.  It is the right of the leader to make a decision to call for a helicopter rescue, and any costs relating to this will be your responsibility. Any subsequent costs incurred for expenses such as hospitalisation and transport to and from hospital is your responsibility.


You are also responsible for ensuring that your insurance is adequate for the particular needs of your chosen activity - we do not check insurance policies. As part of this, please ensure that your insurance covers you to an altitude of 3000m. We reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time if we are not satisfied that you have adequate insurance in place.


All personal effects are taken at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any loss, damage or accident to personal property, however incurred. You are advised to check the limitations of your insurance policy in this respect.  If cannot attend a booked event, whatever the reason, we are unable to refund your deposit / payment as per point 5 above.

8. Personal risk

​We maintain high professional standards of client care and safety. We take due care and diligence and only use leaders who are qualified and legal to work in France. In choosing to undertake activities in a mountain environment you accept that these activities may pose a danger of personal injury and even death. All clients must be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement in such activities.


9. Transferring to another event

If after you have booked and paid for an event and you wish to transfer to another event, we will do our utmost to arrange this but it may not always be possible due to, but not limited to, the number of booked clients on the alternative event, the weather or other reason outside of our control. You would need to cover any costs incurred.



10. Force majeure

If an DaysAway Adventures, or any of its leaders is prevented (either directly or indirectly) from performing any of its obligations under this agreement by reasons of act of god, adverse weather conditions, strikes, fire, breakdowns, interruption of transport, government or political actions, acts of war or terrorism, acts or missions of a third party, pandemics or for any other cause whatsoever outside reasonable control, we will be under no liability.

11. Data Protection

​You give us permission to share any personal information you supply within DaysAway Adventures or any other leaders that we use,  in order for them to be able to provide an appropriate level of service. We do not share this data with any other 3rd party.

12. Participation Statement

DaysAway Adventures recognises that going into mountain areas is hazardous, and, when adventurous activities are added, the hazards are inevitably increased. This implies a potential risk of injury or, in extreme circumstances, loss of life. Anyone considering taking part in one of our hiking events needs to consider this very seriously and to take responsibility for their participation and acknowledge and accept these risks.

13. Newsletter


By signing up to our newsletter, we promise not to sell your details to a third party.  We will only use your details for the purposes of distributing an updates which will focus on but not be limited to, the provision of our activities & services and any related and relevant information.  You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link on the bottom of the newsletter.



14. Gift Vouchers


Gift vouchers are for named individuals only.  They are not transferrable and can only be used once.  They can be used for full or partial payment towards any DaysAway Adventures or Morzine Mountain Cooperative activity that either Jason or Vivien Day are running.  They will not be accepted by any other member of the Morzine Mountain Cooperative.  They will have a expiry date of 18 months from the date of issue.  Full payment of the gift voucher must be received before one is issued.